You may have become more aware of the importance of using natural skin care products after learning that everything you apply externally to your skin is eventually absorbed into your bloodstream. If you’re slathering on chemically-laden conventional products, you may be putting your health at risk. Just when you’ve figured out your natural skin care routine, you may then realize that you’re still using conventional makeup brands, full of toxins and synthetic ingredients. Choosing non toxic and chemical free makeup can be tricky, because we all have our holy grail products and worry that other products won’t work as well. Fortunately, we’ve done the work for you! Here at Waterlilies and Company we carry natural makeup brands that we ourselves love and just know you will too! We should also mention that all the natural brands we carry are cruelty free and never tested on animals so if you’re an animal lover we urge you to always check the label and ask questions if you aren’t sure! Keep reading to learn more about a few natural makeup brands that you (and your skin) are sure to fall in love with! Elate Clean Cosmetics for Natural Foundation Foundation is one of the hardest products to shop for, because choosing the perfect shade is key to a natural and beautiful finish. Elate Clean Cosmetics not only has you covered from fair to medium to deep skin tones, their foundations are completely natural and organic and formulated with ingredients like hydrating coconut and argan oil for a dewy finish and flawless application. Bamboo extract and bentonite clay help to reduce redness and irritation in the skin, while zinc oxide provides some natural sun protection! Concealers are usually the next step after foundation and help to create a beautiful finish, in fact, we couldn’t imagine a makeup look without it! Da Lish illuminating concealers contain rich coconut and antibacterial rosemary to keep the skin hydrated and clear while adding brightness to under-eye shadows, eyebrow arches and your cupid’s bow. Its creamy consistency makes it easy to build to desirable coverage and it will completely cover up undesirable blemishes or pigmentation. You may also be interested to read And If You Thought Consuming the Spiced goodness Was the Only Way To Enjoy Psl Fever, You’re In For A Treat—well, Your Armpits Are Anyway. So Stop Wasting Time And Money The Idea Of Soaking Wet Pits And The Less-than-fresh Door That Comes With Them. Items Are Sold By The Retailer, Not By Today. There Was Also The Day Involving Multiple Meetings In Various Parts Of Manhattan When The Mercury Was Edging Towards 90 And We Were Too Cheap To Cab It. Because These Forward-looking Statements Involve Risks And Uncertainties, There Are Important Factors That Could Cause Actual Results To Differ Materially From Those Expressed Or Implied By These Forward-looking Statements.